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Processing Your Offer

Quick & Easy

Determining your offer.

Appraisal at GlattAuto is quick and easy. They can be done 
as while you wait, and we’ll buy your car even if you don’t 
buy one of ours. All offers are good for seven days.

Current market

National sales and auction data gives us an idea on where to start. It’s also an extra assurance that we’re providing a fair offer. 


While inspecting your car’s condition inside and out, minor imperfections usually expected from a used car and should not impact our offer, however major defects such as fire, flood or frame damage can.

Test drive

We do check your vehicle on the road to make sure your brakes and turn signals are working and other boring stuff before making proper offer. If repairs needed the offer will be adjusted accordingly. 

Finally the history report.

An important part of determining your offer is your car’s past. Once we run the report we will be able to complete the process and get you paid. 

Ready to get started?

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